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Panpastel on ainutlaatuinen kuivapastelli, saatavilla 80 sävyssä. Panpastel luotiin helpottamaan värin käyttöä ja hallintaa. Voit meilkein kuin maalata kuivapastelleilla.

Q. What are the advantages and disadvantages of pan pastels as opposed to regular pastels? A. Artists who use traditional stick pastels have long been enamored of the rich colors and versatility of the medium. They hadn't noted
many gaps in performance-until
pan pastels came along. By nature,
pastels are opaque, but pan pastels
have shown us that the medium can
be applied in a gossamer-thin veil of
semitransparent color as well.
Pan pastels-very soft pastels in
a cake form resembling a cosmetic
compact-require few fillers. The
result is a much greater pigment
load, allowing the artist to control
the amount of color applied to the
surface by using sponge applicators.
The artist may choose to apply pan
pastels in a stroke as rich as lipstick
or in a layer so thin that the color of
the support flavors the hue.
Another advantage of pan pas­
tels is that they allow the combining
of pigment colors, thus multiply­
ing the range of hues. Several large
washy layers may be easily and
quickly laid down, each isolated
with a fixative spray, to achieve
compelling subtleties.
Artists challenged by the messi­
ness of stick pastels appreciate that
these insubstantial layers result in
lower dust, extending the life of the
product over that ofsofter, dustier
sticks. The long handle and crooked
end of PanPastel's sponge-tipped
Sofft knives (below, left) keep fingers
out of the pastel altogether, putting
to rest the health concerns of those
accustomed to avoiding contact with
pigments through the use of a paint­
brush or palette knife.
Sponge tools for pan pastels
come in various sizes and shapes,
allowing the artist to choose the
nature of his or her stroke. However,
achieving tight detail takes practice
with pan pastels, and although it can
be done, this is an area where stick
pastels often outshine the newer
form of the medium. Sticks produce
lines, edges and smaller details more
quickly and efficiently.
Most pastelists could get along
fine without pan pastels, but those
who add this product to their lineup
will find it quite useful. -D.S.